HVAC specialists should carry a variety of tools in their toolbox to keep their work efficient and on schedule. These tools include crescent wrenches (also known as adjustable wrenches) and pipe wrenches, which are essential for tightening and loosening plumbing and gas connections. Also, they should have an impact drill with a wide range of drill bits and a spare battery. Other tools include a lightweight hammer and a sawzall, which are used to loosen bolts and screws. Another essential tool is a pliers, which are used to hold things in place when cutting or unscrewing panels. In addition, an insulated pair of pliers is ideal for long-term use, as they are comfortable to grip.

Another essential tool for HVAC technicians is a multimeter. This tool is vital for safety because it can detect electrical currents and warn you of any dangers. It can also be used to find power outlets and switches and determine whether they’re working correctly. HVAC technicians should also wear protective clothing, including ear plugs and durable, flexible gloves.

A thermometer is another essential tool. Thermometers should be digital, as they deliver more precise readings and last longer. Another great tool is a companyCam, a photo solution app that allows HVAC technicians to keep in touch with their customers. This app, which started back in 2016, has over 80,000 active users.