All work is original, one of a kind and signed by David Yow.

Please understand, these are not intended to look recognizably like the person(s) or animal(s) that are depicted in the photo you send.

The photo you provide is a catalyst, a seed, an inspiration for a flurry of interpretive and creative blossoming on my part.

Send a photo of your face, or your brother’s face, or your ferret’s face, it doesn’t matter whose face it is. I’ll take that photo and give it the GET FACED treatment  .  .  . a hand-drawn copy of the face that’s “colored in” with photographic textures and/or patterns and/or colors.

It’ll be printed on gallery quality archival photo paper and sent back so you can have it to cherish forever and ever!

Dear wonderful people-

I’m not going to say for absolutely certain, but I think GetFaced has come to an end. I enjoyed it while it lasted and found it to be VERY rewarding. I’m grateful to all who ordered any.
(maybe, someday, I’ll do them again)

David Yow