Best Sites and Apps to Sell Used Clothes Online

Best Apps and Websites to Sell Used Clothes Online

With the change of season, you always want to renew your wardrobe. Taking a deeper look at the wardrobe and drawers often means realizing that certain clothes are no longer really for us: maybe we have just shed a few pounds and we need more suitable clothes, or much more simply we no longer recognize ourselves in certain garments.

Best Apps and Websites to Sell Used Clothes Online

The first thing you will think of to do is throw away everything you don’t like or don’t want anymore, but the advice I want to give you is another one, that is to try to think about the possibility of being able to sell your used clothes. You may not know it, but there are several ways that allow you to sell sweaters, shoes, pants, skirts, shirts, and everything else you have decided to give away.

Selling clothes online instead of throwing them away: here’s how

The practice in question also has a very specific term, namely “decluttering”, which can be considered an evolution of the simple elimination of clothes that you deem superfluous. With decluttering, in fact, you give away what you no longer need, managing to regain a lot of space, which can be occupied by new clothes.

There are several applications that allow you to sell used clothes, shoes, and accessories: you won’t believe it, but the one that seems too loose (or too tight), as well as that sweater you just can’t stand anymore or that pair of boots which you consider now “outdated”, may turn out to be the best possible purchases for other buyers. That’s why taking advantage of these apps can be a great idea if you need to get rid of clothes and the like.

But what are the best apps for selling used clothes? In this article, I will show you the solutions that can do the most for you.

The best most-used apps to sell used clothes

Let’s find out which are the best:

Vinted for second-hand trendy clothes

It is one of the most-used apps for the sale and purchase of second-hand clothes and accessories. It is a well-known company in the rest of Europe.

Putting an item up for sale is very simple, you just need to create an ad, put it up for sale and send it, and then you will receive the payment on the associated account on your account. It is great for selling cheap clothes or accessories, as it is crucial to consider the cost of sales commissions.

Vestiaire Collective

If you are a fan of designer clothes and high fashion, Vestiaire Collective is truly the application you were looking for. On this French platform, in fact, you will be able to sell garments of a certain quality that you no longer intend to keep at home, thus offering them at very advantageous prices for other users.

Apps to Sell Used Clothes Online

But how does Vestiaire Collective work? All you have to do is register on the app (you can do it totally free, ed) and fill out the form relating to the garment with images and all the useful information. After proposing the goods in question on the app, Vestiaire Collective will evaluate their quality, authenticity, and compliance. If the garment passes the evaluation exam, the application itself will send it to the buyer, crediting you with the sum. Depending on the dress sold, the commission may vary: it ranges from 18 to 50%.


Depop is one of the most popular applications for selling clothes online. Active since 2011, this app allows you to sell sweaters, shoes, jeans, skirts, accessories of any kind, dated or not. Besides that, you will find it very easy to use Depop because it has a really intuitive interface. But how do you go about selling clothes on this platform?

All you have to do is create an account (also here you can do it for free) and take some photos of the garment you want to sell (up to a maximum of four images). Also, add a description of the product trying to be very precise in the details (especially with the sizes) and set a price. At this point, also share it on your social channels in order to increase its visibility. All payments are made via PayPal, with a commission equal to 10% of the price.

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