How to Increase Smartphone Battery Life

How to increase smartphone battery life

One of the main problems of modern smartphones is the low battery life, due to their multifunctionality. We call less and less, but we are more and more connected to chat. We take pictures, shoot videos, play games. On average a battery lasts 8 hours, then it depends on how much and how we use the smartphone. But with a few tricks, you can significantly increase battery life. Let’s see below how to increase battery life with eleven tricks.

How to increase smartphone battery life

How to Increase battery life: choose a black screen

To list them AndroidPIT. If your device has an AMOLED screen, it is better to use a dark-colored background. AMOLED displays only light-up colored pixels, while black ones remain unlit. Not integrated on Marshmallow, Android Nougat will likely offer the ability to import a dark theme, while Lollipop offers a completely white one. In the meantime, you can then download and save a completely black background and set it in the menu.

How to Increase battery life: take advantage of Doze

With the arrival of the Android Marshmallow, Doze was introduced. This, together with Google Now on Tap, is one of the most interesting features of Android 6.0. Activate by default allows the device to go into hibernation automatically when not used for a certain period of time. From the settings menu, you can decide which apps use Doze.

How to Increase battery life: watch out for the brightness of the display

Do not use the automatic brightness of the display: this is one of the first commandments that all followers of Android must know and put into practice. Although automatic mode can sometimes prove to be the right choice, it often involves excessive and unnecessary energy expenditure compared to the actual use of the display. Better to adjust the brightness manually, keeping it at home and in the evening at 45% and during the day in sunlight at 100%.

How to Increase battery life: better to activate the vibration only when needed

Android Phone Battery Life

Better to disable the vibration of your smartphone. This feature consumes significantly more battery than just having the ringer or silent mode. You know very well that, from experience, activating the vibration will not help you to hear incoming calls: once you are on the move, even if you have the device in your pocket, you will not notice anything. Vibration should only be used if you need to turn off the ringer but you still need to check if you are receiving calls.

How to save battery: turn off haptic feedback

Have you already turned off haptic (haptic) feedback? To understand each other, we refer to that slight vibration you feel if you select something or if you use the keyboard (when it is active of course). The more you use your device to write, access apps, or any other function that requires some tactile interaction, the more haptic feedback will affect battery drain.

How to save the battery: use original batteries

Better to use only original batteries. Saving a few bucks on non-genuine batteries, which can potentially damage your device, will result in a greater waste of money and energy. Also, remember that fake batteries often claim much more mAh than those actually offered and deteriorate faster over time.

Increase Battery Life of Mobile Phone

How to save battery: set the screen to turn off to a minimum

Better to configure turning off the screen to a minimum. A few seconds make the difference, becoming several minutes in which at the end of the day. Just think that an average user turns on the screen at least 150 times a day, to understand how much energy can be saved by putting a little more attention.

How to Increase battery life: when to activate flight mode

The flight mode should not only be used when you are in flight but it is also recommended in places where you do not have to use the phone for a couple of hours and therefore it is useless for the smartphone to search for the line. Think of cinema, hospital, meetings, school or university lessons, etc. By activating this mode you will not receive any sound notification and in addition, you will save on battery.

How to Increase battery life: which connectivity to remove

Better to turn off GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and WIFI when not needed. Often, without realizing it, we leave these functions on unnecessarily. The search for a network on their part is continuous and this causes a huge drain on the battery.

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