How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts

How to know who save your Instagram photo

How to see who saved our photos on Instagram? If this is asked by many among the approximately one and a half billion users who use this app to publish their photos. Especially women, fearful that their photos posted on Instagram, especially in costumes or skimpy dresses, end up in the archive of some depraved.

How to know who save your Instagram photo

Since 2014, the year in which the app was taken over by the Facebook owner, just like the other app taken over by the latter, it has experienced significant growth. Especially since Instagram has continued to offer new services that are useful and pleasant to users. So much so that the Under 24 have largely ceased to prefer this app to Facebook. Times are changing, even when it comes to the fashion of apps.

But let’s go back to the starting question: how to see on Instagram who has saved our photos? Is it possible to see on Instagram who saved our photos? Let’s see it below.

How to See on Instagram Who has Saved Our Photos

How to see on Instagram who saved our photos? Is it possible to see on Instagram who saved our photos? Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not possible to see who saved our photos on Instagram. The app has decided to leave this data private. In fact, whenever we save a photo, we are told that only we will know we have done it. It is a bit like the question of visits to our profile on Facebook, which has always remained a private fact. Although every now and then some joker, to catch clicks, has heralded phantom methods to be able to know.

Having said that, on the other hand, it is possible to know a lot of statistical data on your photos posted on Instagram. This can be done by switching to the corporate version of the social network. This will also include a reference number for the people who saved the image you posted. At the very least, we’ll know if a photo has been a hit.

How to Find Out Who Saved Our Photos

Still disappointed that the answer to how to find out on Instagram who saved our photos and if it is possible to find out on Instagram who saved our photos, is a no? Take comfort in the fact that with the method suggested by Aranzulla, you will be able to see the Follower item in the period showing the growth of your followers in the last 7 days; Coverage in the period shows the progress of the posts you have published in the last 7 days.

Instagram Posts

Under Actions, on the other hand, a number will be shown that refers to the overall actions that people have performed on your account and you will also find the Profile Visits item which shows the views your account has had in the last 7 days.

With a swipe down you can then see the Suggested section and the words Coverage and Impressions related to your profile. Coverage indicates the number of accounts you have reached while Impressions indicate how many times the multimedia content you created has been viewed.

Further below, under the Follower item, you can analyze some data that refer to your Instagram profile such as age range, gender, and geographic locations of belonging. You can see more details of this section by tapping on the Other item.

In the Media and promotions section, you will find the words Posts and Stories through which you can then see the overall views of your most popular posts and the latest stories created.

Saved Your Instagram Post

If, on the other hand, you only want to see the statistics of the published images and find out how many people have saved the photo using the appropriate Instagram button, tap on a photo you have published and, at the Promote button, tap on the View Insight data.

The heart symbol indicates the number of likes that the image in question has received and therefore serves to measure the interaction with it as well as the symbol of the cloud that indicates the number of comments that the photo has had.

The bookmark symbol represents the number of times the post will have been saved in Instagram collections. And this is what tells us how many people have saved our photos on Instagram. Unfortunately, however, we cannot know who.

Many interesting are instead the item Actions measures the total number of actions that the post has generated; while the item Visits on the profile indicates the number of people who, “captured” by the content you published, have viewed your profile.

Then there are the words Followers, Coverage, and Impressions which respectively represent the number of followers obtained following the publication of that content, the number of unique.

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