Six Essential Skype Interview Tips

Tips for a Successful Skype Job Interview

How to do a job interview on Skype? In a globalized and increasingly digitalized world, communicating at a distance is now a consolidated reality. There are many tools to do this and among these, we must include Skype, which has been present for years. Allowing people to chat, phone, and video call at no cost, even with users located in another continent.

Tips for a Successful Skype Job Interview


Skype is used among friends, relatives, professionals, and companies. Now for pleasure, now for work. Also to hold meetings comfortably “remotely”. And so, even job interviews are taking place remotely. Even between people of different mother tongues, who generally converge on the English language. Let’s see six useful tips on how to prepare in order to best conduct a job interview on Skype.

Skype job interview: choose a professional username and photos suggests, the first mistake not to make on Skype is to choose a joking or trivial username. Like we do in a chat or forum. Or, at least, for the account that we are going to use for our business and, therefore, to hypothetically carry out a job interview on Skype. The same goes for the photo, another business card. Let’s not choose one that portrays us in costume, even if we are fit, or with a glass of beer in hand. We must instill a sense of calmness and seriousness. Just like when we do an in-person job interview.

Skype job interview: Check the Connection

Since we are using the web as a channel, we need to verify that our internet connection is perfect or nearly perfect. No shots, images that come and go, etc. The recruiter will certainly not want to waste time.

tips for a successful Skype interview

The connection must also be efficient to send documents, which should not take a lifetime to reach the recipient, even if we had sent them by registered mail. Finally, in case of problems, it is better to remain calm: our potential employer listening to our curses is certainly not a nice thing. It is useful to be chosen.

Tips for a Skype job interview: what the environment should be like

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As for the name and the photo, we must also take care of the location of our job interview on Skype. Avoid seeing family members and roommates passing behind you as you speak; look for an illuminated, quiet, tidy place (the living room of your home or a well-kept bedroom are fine) then pay attention to the background behind you. Position the height of the webcam well and take care of your posture.

How to behave during a job interview on Skype

As for behavior, it is best to maintain eye contact with the recruiter as much as possible. Look straight into the camera, don’t gesticulate too much, and hide the window showing the face to avoid checking yourself every time.

How to finish a job interview on Skype

Conclusions are also important. At the end of the interview, ask discreetly how much we will be informed about the outcome of the interview. Better than to thank the recruiter for the time he has dedicated to you. Finally, greet politely. Always be careful what you say until the interview is over. Before letting out sighs of relief or gossiping about the recruiter, make sure you have ended the video call.

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